Attention all personal brands and coaches that want to add $10,000 per month to your business.

Reveal how Dr. Joe Dispenza, Yogi Bryan, Michael Beckwith have worked personally with Anton Wisbiski to monetize their brands and massively grow their following. It’s even worked for heavy hitters like Tony Robbins.

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If you made it here it means you are one of 2 people...

#1 You are a coach (of any variation) and you are doing or around $100,000+ a year in your business and you want to scale to multiple 6 figures and beyond


#2 You have a personal brand of at least 12,000 followers and are looking to monetize it so you are consistently making 15-30k+ per month in your business.

Let me show you what happened to Bryan.

Before joining, Bryan had been focused on selling his meditations for over 3 years, this worked but he wasn't doing that good financially.

As soon as he started with Anton he immediately realized the power of communicating to his audience in an authentic way that actually converts into money... and a lot of it.

Within 3 months he made $20,000 & added $10,000/mo+ (residual) from his meditation app & gained 365,000+ followers on IG...

These are the same strategies I've used with Dr. Joe Dispenza, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Billy Carson & more

I want to be clear.

I know these strategies work not from philosophy but from the results from the hundreds of influencers, coaches/guides, and content creators I've worked with over the past 8 years.

Leading directly to tens of millions of dollars in additional revenue for those brands...

If you are not as big or even close to their size that is totally fine. You're not supposed to be yet, that's why you're reading this.

None of them were nearly as big as they are today before my strategies and how I helped them monetize on the backend.

Regena's story was pretty similar.

Her personal brand is focused on empowering female coaches. When we differentiated her offer to high-ticket, she ended up doing a $1,000,000 launch....

(She did this with NO paid ads - AND no new customers... ).

That’s the power of the working with a proven expert.