3-Day Florida Event | February 23-25

If you or your business doesn’t have a strong online presence in 2023… You will lose. I want to help you avoid that.

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Anton Wisbiski's Personal Brand Mastery 2024

3 Days of Massive Growth

February 23-25, 2023

Boca Raton, Florida

At the event Anton will guide you through 👇

Day 1: Reclaiming your true identity

Eliminate disempowering beliefs about your potential.

Your business. Your brand. Reclaim your true identity.

Turn your fears into power on day one.

This is when you'll face and overcome your limiting beliefs, acquiring the essential skills to create an impactful and epic life.

Prepare for a change in your identity that paves the way for an incredible brand.

Day 2 Bridging the divide

Bridge the divide between launching and expanding your personal brand.

Get clear on your core offerings to eliminate any gaps in your journey...

Learn the social media strategies to monetizing your brand NOW no matter how small you are.

Challenge activity to breakthrough any fears - claim your true identity.

Day 3: Strategies

Reveal the strategies Anton used to build some of the biggest personal brands in the world.

Dr. Joe Dispenza...

Reverend Michael Beckwith...

Yogi Bryan...

Lewis Howes...

... and many more

Who's this event for? 

#1 The person who doesn't have a personal brand but wants to create one.


#2 The person who has a personal brand but isn’t making multiple 6 or 7 figures from it.

Proven strategies for your brand & business

I know these strategies work not from philosophy but from the results from the hundreds of influencers, coaches/guides, and content creators I've worked with over the past 8 years.

Leading directly to tens of millions of dollars in additional revenue for those brands…

Imagine what it will feel like when everyone in your life is telling you how they're seeing you everywhere online AND you are making money talking about the things you love….. That’s whats possible with personal brand mastery.

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When & Where will this Live Event take place?

Downtown Boca Raton.

February 23-25, 2024

9am - 7pm Friday - Sunday

**We've been able to secure a discounted room block at our stunning event hotel, while it lasts! The booking link will be emailed to you upon checkout.

We recommend arriving for early event check-in on Thursday evening, February 22nd and departing Monday, February 26th in the morning. (We'll be ending the event late Sunday evening).

Let me show you what happened to Bryan.

Before joining, Bryan had been focused on selling his meditations for over 3 years, this worked but he wasn't doing that good financially.

As soon as he started with Anton he immediately realized the power of communicating to his audience in an authentic way that actually converts into money... and a lot of it.

Within 3 months he made $20,000 & added $10,000/mo+ (residual) from his meditation app & gained 365,000+ followers on IG...

Regena's story was pretty similar.

Her personal brand is focused on empowering female coaches. When we differentiated her offer to high-ticket, she ended up doing a $1,000,000 launch....

(She did this with NO paid ads - AND no new customers... ).

That’s the power of the working with a proven expert.

Anton's Success Stories

See what results people are creating 👇

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